Do your presentations add IMPACT?

Present your message with flair and conviction to impress

Talk the talk…

Discreet personal mentoring, scripting and stage direction

As with any skill, public speaking needs continual appraisal, fine tuning and honing. Peter will privately work alongside you to refine a speech or engineer a motivating presentation. Where appropriate he can discreetly join you on the day to ensure staging and equipment is properly set, leaving you to calmly prepare without technical involvement ‘on-set’.


Script Writing

Choosing the right words can add kudos and credibility to your message. Words evoke emotion and will sway the most hardened hearer to respond positively.

Walk the walk…

Presentation Production

From one slide to multimedia multiscreen extravaganzas!

Any presentation begins long before an audience settles and you utter your first word. Peter will help you define the message and establish how you expect your audience to respond. He will help flex some emotion into the event, suggest some ‘speech counseling tips’ and  share some professional nerve calming techniques!


Camera, lights & journalists!

The media can be aggressive when demanding information about your performance. Cameras are rolling and microphone lamps are lit. What you say, how you say it and the degree of authority you command will cement perceptions within seconds.  Company image, personal reputations and volatile share prices can tumble in moments.  Peter’s extensive international aerospace experience from airliner disasters to politically charged defense issues, qualifies him to provide rock solid guidance and on the spot mentoring.

Choose from our toolbox

“A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.’

“Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet”

Choosing the right music and sound effect for your show or downloadable production is a time consuming task. Get it right and you’re on the road to a star-studded production.  Stuart Smith our studio engineer is an accomplished musician who will help you with that daunting task. Stuart has written countless songs and instrumental tracks. Why not commission your own music to fit exactly the mood and style of your recording?

Standing Ovation’s talent list continually expands. Peter’s broadcasting experience underpins his voice-over artistry.

Appearing quietly confident without being pompous is vital, if your live presentation or on-camera interview is to win-over your audience.  We help you adopt the techniques that enhance your message and increase your confidence. Where appropriate, we can discreetly mentor your presentation, accompany your rehearsals and provide professional feed back at your live gig.

Beware of the pitfalls of journalist’s probing, audience jibes and ill-prepared presentations. When under pressure, heckling, media intrusion or an audience’s incisive questioning can be intimidating.  

Preparation is always a wise investment. Master the methods used by professional representatives to stay in control. It’s always vital to provide clear answers while keeping lawyers happy and projecting the sincerity and human face of your organisation.

When the audience numbers many, nothing is more effective than a single gathering in a controlled environment.  Creating a theatre-like atmosphere concentrates minds and messages can be carefully presented. Emotions are powerful tools in every presentation and when invoked effectively, will secure the reaction you seek.

From devising the event, to scripting key elements, producing and directing your show, Peter Black provides you with over forty years of experience on and off stage.

Masters of motivation….

“Whether live or pre-recorded, for an audience of one or thousands, we will help you confidently deliver your vital message and secure the required reaction”

What our Clients say

Peter produced for us ‘the world’s most prestigious aircraft roll-out’ attended by Her Majesty The Queen and other royal guests. With over 4,000 in attendance the 3 hour event added impact and enduring emotion to the launch of our new regional airliner

Allan MacDonald - OBE, BA, Deng, Dtech, FIMgt, FRAes

Managing Director, Jetstream Aircraft, British Aerospace plc

Peter’s voice added gravitas while retaining a friendly but authoritative tone for our audio programmes, designed to raise member involvement in our company pension scheme

John A More

Pension Manager, Auto Windscreens UK

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh have asked me to convey their appreciation for a most moving, enjoyable and entertaining event at your recent Jetstream 41 Roll-Out event in Scotland

Sir Robin Fellows

Personal Private Secretary, Buckingham Palace

Faced with a major communication challenge, we were delighted to engage Peter’s imaginative production team to produce what became an award winning video programme, distributed to over three thousand employees.  The results exceeded our widest expectations

Ms Rosemary Mounce

Chief pensions officer and European actuary, Alcan Group